How should China win the respect of its neighbors?

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First posted to China Resurgent Forum on May 26, 2003 at the following link:


  How should China win the respect of its neighbors?

  Some people think that the America encirclement policy against China failed because China was non-threatening to its neighbors and had maintained a humble policy toward its neighbors. This is wrong.

  For example, Philippine dare to challenge China, not because it is afraid of China’s expansion but because it think it can rely on America’s help to beat China. The reason why America was kicked out of Clark and Subic Bay was because the Philippinos was not respectful of the Americans after seeing them defeated in Vietnam. But now it is seeing America becoming the sole superpower again, and so it is again welcoming the Americans to return while at the same time committing aggressions against the Chinese by capturing the Chinese fishermen and challenging China‘s claim of Nansha Islands. If China wants to suppress the Philippinos, then China must become very strong, stronger than America. When the Philippinos have seen that China is stronger than America, then they will distant themselves from the Americans and be friendly to the Chinese. Therefore, it is stupid for China to appear weak to the Philippinos thinking that it will reassure the Philippinos of China’s non-aggressiveness.

  In the end, if China wants peace and security and the “friendship“ of its neighbors, then it must deploy the strongest military possible and let all its neighbors see this clearly. China must make it clear that China has a military that is powerful enough to stop America’s aggression against China. Only then will China be able to convince its neighbors that helping America commit aggressions against China will get them badly hurt.

  China’s policy under Jiang and Zhu of appeasing America and joining the evil WTO does not enhance the prestige of China among China’s neighbors. That is why none of the SE Asian countries have any respect for China and challenge it at will. Even Singapore, which is essentially a Chinese country, does not have any trust and respect for China but instead link itself with America, China’s mortal enemy. The point is, looking at Singapore’s point of view, if China is turning into a lap dog of America, then Singapore better be friends with the lap dog’s master and not be friend with the lap dog. This is common sense. Therefore, China must immediately change this perception among its neighbors. Hu must be clear that it is nonsense to try to cultivate “friendliness” among China’s neighbors by appear weak and non-threatening. The only way for China to compel respect is to deploy a sufficiently strong military to fight America to a draw and let China’s neighbors have no mistake about this. As a country, China does not need to despair about not having “friends.” This is only what a weak country will try to do, thinking that international “friends” will somehow strengthen China’s position and protect it against aggressions. This is just an illusion. No amount of sympathy from foreign countries will protect China against America. Just look at Iraq. Iraq had any number of “friends” that spoke up for it in the UN. But in the end, America attacked it anyway. And now everybody in the UN is helping America to loot Iraq. Therefore, China should know that it is nothing but an illusion for China to pursue “friends”. Instead China should rely on its own people, its own economy, and its own technology to deploy the most powerful military possible that will provide the most realistic protection against even the strongest enemy, America.

  And looking even farther into the future, in another 10 to 15 years, China will inevitably surpass America’s economy and with the best technology, will inevitably overtake America’s military. And it 30 years’ time, China will have 5 times the military of the former USSR and 10 times the economy of Japan at its strongest. America had a tough time with just the military of one single USSR and with the economy of just one Japan. China with 5 times the military power and 10 times the economy of Japan will simply roll over America. Provided that China does not get emasculated first by the evil WTO.

  I hope Hu will now do what is necessary to make China realize its full potential. In that he has the support of all the patriotic Chinese everywhere.


How should China win the respect of its neighbors? 期待您的回复!